Create Lasting Memories with your Kids

Enjoy making new memories each month! Fun and surprising themed kits filled with art projects, games, family activities and more. Spend quality time creating, bonding and giving your kids unforgettable memories. Great for anytime, play dates, special occasions or traveling fun!

Why Making Memories Box?


Mom and educator created, themed art projects, keepsake crafts, games and more, delivered right to your door to enjoy all month long. Themed for the new and exciting things every month, with all your supplies included.


Discover new projects every month. Pinterest-perfect activities planned for you. All activities are prepped and ready-to-go making family time, fun anytime. Enjoy them together or with a friend, ready whenever you are.


Make lasting memories. You get what your kids want, and what you need to get straight to what matters- your kids making unforgettable memories. Make Making Memories Box a part of your family time traditions.

What's Inside?

Each month's box is packed with fun, creative and easy ways to enjoy time as a family.

The June Beach Box

Beachball Summer Bucket List
Family Stepping Stone
Starfish Bubble Wrap Panting
Kinetic Sand Castle Kit with Seashells and Sand Toys
Chalk & Sponge Darts Game
Father's Day Card Scroll

The May Mom Box

Blooming Family Tree
Handprint Keychain
I Love Mom Because Bouquet
DIY Birdhouse
Wild Flower Planting Kit

The April Springtime Box

Rainbow Rain Clouds Experiment
Coffee Filter Butterfly
Corner Buddy Bookmark
Fun Straw Race Game

See what other moms are saying

Start making memories today

I have been ordering the Making Memories box for 3 months now and am so thankful to have discovered the ultimate mom hack. I cannot believe how much my kids look forward to opening the box each month and it has been so fun to experience new creative ways to connect with my 4 children. Thank you so much and you definitely get 5 stars from our crew! 

Ashley H. (mom of 4)

Okay!! We love the boxes! Peyton has tons of fun with all the crafts and things you put in there! Seriously life saving at times haha! When she’s bugging me and I remember I have a box full of fun things! Helps with less screen time too!

Ashley R. (mom of 1)

I love our making memory boxes! It is so much fun to see the excitement on my kids faces when they open the boxes! The packages are darling and both my boys “Oooo” and “Awww” at all of the different activities. I love how there are arts and crafts, adorable books, fun surprises and activities that whole family can enjoy! I especially loved the “heart attack” and the conversation hearts we used as a family. My boys spent hours making their leprechaun traps! Overall, it’s such a fun, fantastic, creative experience for families that want to make fun memories with their kids every month (and it takes all the work out of it!). 

Jenny P. (mom of 2)

Making memories box is such a fun addition to our family activities! We’ve had so much fun with every box and the ideas are so creative. It’s amazing how much stuff is in each box and the kids love it. Perfect for summer to keep the kids busy! 

Laura C. (mom of 2)

Making memories with my kids is easier than ever thanks to our monthly delivery! These boxes come with everything from the ideas to the supplies, simply awesome!

Lisa W. (mom of 2)

Simply amazing! It’s like you knew what my kids would want to do and had us everything to do it! Thank you!

Ava C. (mom of 2)

Making Memories Box truly understands what my kids needed so I didn’t have to worry about not having the right supplies or having way to much left over. It is a lifesaver for fun and easy family time.

Courtney M. (mom of 3)

We love the conversation hearts from our February box and still use them at dinner as fun conversation starters. We’ve started to add our own topics to the jar and it’s become a new family dinner time tradition.

Gabby H. (mom of 1)

I can’t say this enough. You need this box. We’ve received 3 months now and I don’t think I can plan crafts with my kids without it.

Mia A. (mom of 3)

Mom hack of the year. My box gave me a fool proof way to have what I needed for St. Patrick’s day. My kids were so excited and I didn’t have to worry about planning a thing. I couldn’t have done all they did without this box. I won’t dread making a leprechaun trap next year with this kit. I can’t wait for our next month’s box!

Lauren S. (mom of 2)

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Making Memories Box was featured on Good Day Sacramento to show our April and May box, as well as all the great activities you can expect in each box!