Spring Shaving Cream Marbled Egg Painting

Posted on April 13, 2022

Making Memories Box April Digest

Spring Shaving Cream Marbled Egg Painting.

Get your hands messy and dig in with this fun sensory painting!

by Jessica Vidales  on April 1, 2022

Nothing says spring like pastel-colored marbled painted eggs! This is a great activity for kids of all ages and even fun for the kids at heart to join in. The eggs come out beautiful and are even more fun to make. 

We keep our activities 5 supplies or less and in 5 simple steps. You can recreate, innovate, and modify anything in the activity to fit your kids liking!  Let’s make it fun for kids and easy for parents to enjoy the process right along with them. 


Spring Shaving Cream Marbled Painting:

Get your supplies ready & get ready to have fun. Use the supplies in your April Hoppy Spring Box that are prepped & ready to go. If you don’t have the April Box, here is the supply list to shop for.

Supplies for 2 children:

  • 4 Sheets of White Cardstock
  • 1 Jar Shaving Cream
  • 1 Craft Stick/ Popsicle Stick
  • Washable Acrylic Paint
  • Box to Paint in

Don’t forget, Making Memories Box offers all the materials for these creative projects to enjoy with your kids at home delivered to your door each month. Enjoy the excitement of unboxing each month’s theme and hands-on projects to create inside. 

Step 1- Spray:

Let your kids spray the having cream into the box you will be painting in. Make sure to spray enough to cover the bottom of the box and about 1-2 inches high.

Step 2-Drizzle:

Drizzle the paint on top of the shaving cream. Use your craft stick or popsicle stick to mix the paint into the shaving cream in a horizontal and vertical fashion. This should make a really cool swirl effect. 

Step 3-Cut:

Cut your white cardstock into egg shapes (large ovals) or any other shapes you kids want. You can cut flowers, animals, or even the letters of their name. 

Step 4- Press:

Press the cut cardstock onto the top of the paint/shaving cream in the box. Press firmly around all the edges of the paper and pull up carefully.

Step 5- Reveal:

Use the craft stick to press onto the cardstock and scrape the excess shaving cream off the paper. Repeat and scrape off until all the shaving cream is gone revealing the marble print on the paper. Let dry and enjoy!!


Let us do the prep work for you

Each Making Memories Box comes packed and prepped with everything you need to celebrate all life's little moments.

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