Blue Birds in a Nest Spring Craft Project

Posted on April 13, 2022

Making Memories Box April Digest

Blue Birds in a Nest Spring Craft Project.

Tweet Tweet, these little birds are ready for spring!

by Jessica Vidales  on April 2, 2022

How cute are these little chick in a nest? These are so versatile and cane me made with just about any color paper, crinkle, and feathers. We supplied each person with the following materials but can easily be adjusted to fit your child’s own creativity.  

We keep our activities 5 supplies or less and in 5 simple steps. You can recreate, innovate, and modify anything in the activity to fit your kids liking!  Let’s make it fun for kids and easy for parents to enjoy the process right along with them. 


Blue Birds in a Nest Craft:

Get your supplies ready & get ready to have fun. Use the supplies in your April Hoppy Spring Box that are prepped & ready to go. If you don’t have the April Box, here is the supply list to shop for.

Supplies for 2 children:

  • Paper- Blue Cardstock (cut in half) & Yellow Paper (1 in. x 4 in.)
  • 1 Paper Plate (cut in half)
  • 6 Feathers
  • Kraft Color Crinkle Paper
  • 6 Googly Eyes

Home Supplies:

  • White Glue

Don’t forget, Making Memories Box offers all the materials for these creative projects to enjoy with your kids at home delivered to your door each month. Enjoy the excitement of unboxing each month’s theme and hands-on projects to create inside. 

Step 1- Cut:

Cut 3 ovals out of the blue paper. Cut 3 triangles out of the yellow paper about ½ inches wide. Cut the paper plate in half.

Step 2- Drizzle:

Drizzle the whilte glue on top of the paper plate. Add a generous amount of glue so all the paper and crinkle will stick. This is really fun for the kids to do themselves! 

Step 3- Apply:

Apply the 3 blue ovals in a row to the cut side of the paper plate. Press down firmly. Apply the beaks to the top half of the blue ovals using some of the glue from the plate. Glue the googly eyes above the yellow beak. 

Step 4- Feathers:

Stick the feathers to the side of the blue oval birds to make their tail feathers. These can be added to either side of the birds wherever your child wants them. 

Step 5- Nest:

Use the craft crinkle paper to cover the rest of the paper plate. Add more glue if there are any bare spots and add more crinkle paper. This will make a super fun textured nest! Don’t forget their name and year on the back & enjoy! 


Let us do the prep work for you

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