The Shimmer & Shamrocks Box (March 2022)

Activities Included: Shamrock Friend Craft, Shamrock Chalk Pastel Art, Handprint Rainbow Art, End of the Rainbow Twirlers, & Leprechaun Trap Kit.

This box will arrive at the beginning of March to enjoy all month long.

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This is a one time purchase. Supplies to share for up to 2 children.


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Some example activities from The Shimmer & Shamrocks Box (March 2022)

Shamrock Friend Craft
Shamrock cutout, white craft paper, shamrock stickers, googly eyes, marker
End of the Rainbow Twirlers
Paper plate, rainbow paint, yarn
Shamrock Chalk Pastel Art
Black craft paper, shamrock cutout, pastel chalks
Leprechaun Trap Kit
Box, trap decorating supplies
Handprint Rainbows
Craft paper, rainbow paint, pot of gold cut out