The Beach Box

Enjoy your June Box with fun summer kickoff beachy family activity, a keepsake, kid’s art/craft activity, kid activity, and family game. Enjoy the ease of having all the fun with no hassle, no mess, all ready to enjoy!

Junes Box Activities:

  • Summer Bucket List w/ Beach Ball
  • Starfish Bubble Wrap Paint Art Project
  • Kinetic Sand with Bucket, Sand Toys, and Shells
  • Sponge Chalk Darts Game
  • Father’s Day Popsicle Stick Scroll Craft
  • Family Stepping Stone Kit (Father’s Day Gift)

Materials Included:

  • Summer Bucket List Printout, Bucket List Idea Card, Permanent Marker, Beach Ball, Paint Kit, Glue, Blue Paper, Green Strips of Paper, Bubble Wrap Square, Individual Kinetic Sand Bag, Personal Sand Bucket, Sand Toys, Sea Shells, 2x Sponge, Box of Chalk, Sponge Darts Game Card, 8x Popsicle-sticks, Pre-cut Yellow Construction Paper, Glue, Blue Ribbon, Markers, Stepping Stone Mold, Stone Mix, Mosaic Tiles, Gloves, Stirring Stick, and Instructions.

This is a one time purchase. Save more today by subscribing to the monthly box and let us take care of your family fun time activities! 


Some example activities from The Beach Box

Beachball Summer Bucket List
Family Activity
Family Stepping Stone
Starfish Bubble Wrap Panting
Kid's Art/Craft
Kinetic Sand Castle Kit with Seashells and Sand Toys
Kid's Activity!
Chalk & Sponge Darts Game
Family Game
Father's Day Card Scroll
Tell Dad Why He's Loved!