The Kindness Box!

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September's Activity List:

  • My Family Time Capsule
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • “How Full is Your Bucket” Book with Fill your Bucket Kindness Activity
  • Sprinkle Kindness Rainbow Cloud Canvas Painting
  • Kindness Campaign with Notes of Affirmation 
  • BONUS- “All About Me” Poster

My Family Time Capsule

  1. Start by cutting out all the rectangle cards and placing them aside
  2. Fill out the cover card of the time capsule box that says “Family Time Capsule” and choose a date to open and write the date “buried” 
  3. Take time talking about a time capsule and all the items on the list provided. See how many of the items you can include in your box. 
  4. Talk as a family and fill out the remaining cards. 
  5. Add the cards and items to the box and slide the box close. 
  6. Put it in a safe place and open it as a family and enjoy when your open date arrives! (setting a calendar appointment on your phone for the date to open is a great reminder with the location of your time capsule!)

Art/Craft- Sprinkle Kindness Rainbow Cloud

  1. Use the blue paint and brush to paint the canvas. 
  2. Apply glitter anywhere on the canvas desired. You can use the glue provided or apply glitter before the paint dries to make it stick. 
  3. Have your child write their name on the white half sheet of paper. Cut it in the shape of a cloud. (Tracing a cloud shape around his/her name is helpful)
  4. Have your child write kind things about themselves on the rainbow papers. These can be one word or short sentences. EX: Helpful, kids, good at… 
  5. Attach the cloud and strips of rainbow paper to the canvas using the glue. 
  6. Hang in a favorite place to admire and enjoy!

How Full is your Bucket Book with Bucket Filler Activity

  1. This is a great book to read first as a family. Read each page and talk about the pictures.
  2. Ask your kids, “How would you feel if that happened to you?”, “Why do you think he feels that way?”, “What do you think would fill your bucket?” etc. 
  3. Follow up with bucket Filler Activity for each child. 
  4. Bucket Filler Activity- Talk about all the things your child does to fill others’ bucket. This is a great time to discuss their strengths and how they feel about their actions to others. Give ideas like, nice to…, helpful when… friendly to… works hard at… shows respect to… smiles when… etc.

Friendship Bracelets

  1. Talk to your kids about being a friend to others and what it means to be a good friend. 
  2. Allow them to talk about their friends at school, neighborhood, church, sports etc. and have them choose a friend they would like to show their appreciation for. 
  3. Take the card with the bracelets to the friend and allow them to gift one of their matching bracelets to that friend, or a special family member. 

Notes of Affirmation with Kindness Campaign

  1. This is a great way to give your kids a little surprise or let them surprise someone else with the notes. 
  2. If you want to give them to your child, write a little note on the back and place it in the envelope and write their name on the front. These are fun in their lunch box or put somewhere they will discover it on their own.
  3. If they want to give the note to someone else, talk about a friend, neighbor, teacher, etc. who they would like to brighten their day and let them know they care. 
  4. Repeat the same steps, write a note on the back and address the envelope to the person it is for. 
  5. Deliver the note to a place the person will find it and let them enjoy a little random act of kindness
  6. Kindness Campaign-   Talk with your kids about the campaign and how campaigns are a way to challenge yourself to do something new you might now have done before. 
  7. Read all the acts of kindness together and when they are ready, let them tear off one of the acts of kindness and complete the item! See how many they can complete, or work on completing them as a family. 
  8. Take time to talk about each one that gets completed when the family has time to sit down and talk. This is a great time to ask how it felt, what they were thinking and how the person reacted to their kindness. 
  9. Celebrate as a family when the campaign is complete!

Bonus Item- “All About Me” Poster

  1. Talk to your child about all the items on the list. 
  2. Fill in the answers one at a time until it is complete. 
  3. Let your child draw and color a picture of themselves.
  4. Glue poster onto construction paper provided. 
  5. Color the page and keep it for years to come!

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