The Under the Sea Box: June 2022

Activities to create: Underwater Coloring page with colored pencils, Glitter Mosaics, Crab Hats, Handprint Sealife Puppet, Tape Resist & Silhouette Lighthouse Canvas Art All supplies are included and creativity is encouraged! We would love to see all your creations via email: or tag us on social: @makingmemoriesbox

Underwater Coloring

Timed: Varies Difficulty: Medium

Activity Type: Coloring


  • Using the colored pencils, color each part of the underwater scene.
  • Try to color the whole picture leaving no white left on the page, hang and enjoy!

Glitter Mosaic

Time: 10 min. Difficulty: Easy

Activity Type: Craft/ Color matching


  • Using the printed circles on the mosaic board as a template, adhere the foam sparkle stickers to the matching circles printed on the board.
  • Put blue string through the hole in the top.
  • Tie a knot to make a loop to hang and enjoy

Crab Hats

Time: 15 min. Difficulty: Challenge

Activity Type: Cut/ Glue


  • Cut out crab.
  • Fold extra piece of red paper in half and cut.
  • Using one of the halves, fold in half and then cut along the fold to make two long rectangle pieces.
  • Glue the two long pieces together and then adhere to the crab to make a band for the hat.

Handprint Sealife Puppet

Time: 15 min. Difficulty: Medium

Activity Type: Craft/ Scissors


  • Place hand on large sheet of foam, trace the outline, and then cut out the hand shape.
  • Adhere the pieces together using the picture as a guide.
  • Adhere the craft stick to the back of the fish body.

Tape Resist & Silhouette Lighthouse Canvas Art

Time: 30 min. Difficulty: Challenge

Activity Type: Paint/ Cut/ Glue


  • Using the tape apply strips of tape from the middle of the canvas outward.
  • Continue taping until tape resembles lines of a sunset.
  • Paint each section in between the tape as well as the bottom half and desired colors.
  • Let the canvas dry and then remove tape.
  • Cut out the lighthouse and glue on top of painting.

If you have an questions, please feel free to email us at: