How We Create Lasting Memories with our Kids

Posted on April 22, 2021

Okay, so it’s time to get personal. We all like a good story, right? There are certain things in all our lives that bring us that feeling of happy, nostalgic moments from our childhood. I know for me, snapdragons are one of those things. Here’s why.

Growing up, every spring my dad used to get batches of flowers from a local plant nursery. I loved all the colors, the smells and getting my hands dirty planting those flowers. We would spend hours outside, mapping out where they should go, what colors look best where, matching the plans with the amount of sun or shade in each position of the yard. This is where it stated.

He would tell me the names of the flower and I would listen, intrigued most with the snapdragon. “A snapping dragon plant” I remember thinking to myself imagining all the plants in stories I’ve read that bestow magical powers or come to life in movies like Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to know more. I would examine the pedals and ask questions. He would talk, I would listen, I would talk, he would listen. It was one of the ways my dad and I bonded. Memories are sneaky like that. 

Making Memories Box May gardening activity!

I would look forward to this every year.  Did my dad know planting flowers in our yard each spring would become a happy memory embedded in me? Did he know the time we spent together would teach me life lessons about patience, caring for things and make an impact that I would later repeat with my children? Absolutely not. But it is the reason we take opportunity when we have it. 

When I created Making Memories Box all the moments like this are at the forefront of each activity I include. I give you the opportunity to talk, laugh and bond with your kids. We don’t know what little actions will speak to them and spark a wonder and happiness in them that become lasting memories, but we do know by not doing things we are missing valuable opportunities. 

To this day, I love planting, learning about flowers and gardening. I take the time to share what I know with my kids and spend the time doing something I love with the people I love. That is why our May Box has a flower planting kit. It’s one activity, a clay pot, a pack of seeds and a bag of soil. But it meant something special to me and I want to share with you. That’s what Making Memories is all about. Making those opportunities easier, more accessible and convenient.

I know the struggle to make time to plan these things and right when you think you have time to finally get around to the store and get started it’s time for the next season, we start over again. Missing those opportunities. Back at square one.

My hope is something in our box gives that spark to your kids. We are “planting the seed” per say (pun intended). We may not know now, but we will years down the road when we see these memories come out in our kids in little things like, “remember when we…” or “Oh look! It’s just like when we…” 

Our boxes create the opportunity for you to spend your time where it matters. When you’re ready, we’re here for you. You create the memories, we just give you the tools to do so. 

We all have a story to tell, what’s your snapdragon? 

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