Fun Leprechaun Treats & Tricks for Kids!

Posted on March 16, 2021

Let’s talk tricks! One of my favorite aspects of St. Patrick’s day is all the fun tricks the leprechaun plays around the house. I like to do a little bit at a time to get the kids excited to trap that little bugger. Here are some of my favorites that are included in your March Box!

Leprechaun Note and Bottle of “Gold”

This one is great to leave in the trap after the leprechaun has got away! We don’t want to leave the kids empty handed so leave them this little glitter note with the chocolate gold coin for better luck next year! The little bottle of “gold” will be sure to please!

Shamrock Sticker Swap

This is a super fun way to leave little inconspicuous tricks around the house. Do one a day or do them all at once. The kids will be so surprised at the funny swaps marked with a special shamrock sticker.  

Trick your kids with swapping places of household items ex: ketchup and shampoo. Place a sticker on both so they know the leprechaun did it. Close up all the toilet paper rolls with a shamrock sticker! Swap the cereal bags inside the box. Add a sticker to the outside of the box!

Green Water Surprise & Footprint Stencil

The leprechaun uses the potty? Yes! Sprinkle a little green kool aid in the toilets and add some painted footprints on the floor or seat for a special effect.

Marshmallow Bait

This one you can get creative with! Leave the marshmallows out the night before you plan your trick and arrange them in a shamrock shape, hide them all, or watch your plants grow marshmallows! Leprechaun magic!

Come to Life Googly Eye

This is one of my favorites. My kids don’t always spot them right away but when they do, they will catch the eyes staring back at them. So fun! You can add the eyes to pictures, candles, the toes of shoes, the coffee maker, the refrigerator and more! Have fun with this one and try not to give it away!

Streamer Surprise

I like to do this one for the morning of St. Patrick’s day. Add the streamers to the outside of their door, the hallway, the front door, over the pantry door or anywhere they have to break through to get by!

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