How We Create Lasting Memories with our Kids

Okay, so it’s time to get personal. We all like a good story, right? There are certain things in all our lives that bring us that feeling of happy, nostalgic moments from our childhood. I know for me, snapdragons are one of those things. Here’s why. Growing up, every spring my dad used to get […]

Easy Leprechaun Trap 2 Ways!

Younger Kids Younger kids can start by decorating the outside of their trap box. Glue the green paper and paint the rainbow walkway. Add the gems and stickers. Assemble the pipe cleaner rainbow using the foam blocks to hold the pipe cleaners in place. Add the moss and light to the inside of the box. […]

Fun Leprechaun Treats & Tricks for Kids!

Let’s talk tricks! One of my favorite aspects of St. Patrick’s day is all the fun tricks the leprechaun plays around the house. I like to do a little bit at a time to get the kids excited to trap that little bugger. Here are some of my favorites that are included in your March […]

Fun & Easy Leprechaun Popsicle Stick Face Craft

Fun and Easy Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Craft! Retail Supply Cost Total $55.49 (amazon) Popsicle Sticks Hot Glue Gun Painters Tape Paint Kit Shamrock Sticker Gold Pipe Cleaner Googly Eyes Finding materials, counting popsicle sticks, hot glueing? Not with this preassembled craft in our March Box.  Glue Hot glue your popsicle sticks together which one across […]