Halloween Action Words

Halloween night is alive with mystery and magic. Complete the sentences choosing the appropriate verb from the box below. Take it a step farther and write them all down on the back or use them to write a story! Download Your Printable!

Halloween Count and Graph

Halloween count and graph is a fun way to count the number of each shape and color it on the graph! This is a great way to start math with young kids! Download Your Printable!

Halloween Coloring Pack

Have fun with this Halloween coloring pack! Use crayons, markers, paint and enjoy decorating these fun Halloween friends! Download Your Printable!

Name the Bones

Cut and paste the bone names below to where they belong on the skeleton. Have fun learning the different bones and where they go on the skeleton! Download Your Printable!

Spooky Math Puzzle

Have fun with math using this spooky math puzzle. Use the key to solve the math problems and see how many they can get right out of all 8! Download Your Printable!

My Monster Descriptive Writing Pack

Create your own descriptive stories by brainstorming what your monster looks and sounds like, and how it smells and feels. Watch your story come to life with this fun and easy graphic organizer. Download Your Printable!

Spooky Animal Kingdom Crossword Puzzle

You might think that Halloween is only for spiders and bats, but some animals are naturally born ready for Halloween! Learn more about these fascinating creatures by completing the crossword puzzle below. Download Your Printable!

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

Use this printable to explore the life cycle of a pumpkin! Have fun getting messy and pair this activity with a real pumpkin!

Color that Shape

Give your littles something to color about. They will use this printable to sort shapes by color and get their fine motor sills working with each shape they color. Download Your Printable!

Summer Word Search

Summer is right around the corner! Here is a fun and easy activity to do with your kids to get them excited for summer! Use this printable for summer fun on the road, camping, in the backyard, or anytime for screen-free fun!