Thanksgiving Word Search

Use the word list below to find all the words in the word search. Cross them out as you find them on the puzzle. Download Your Printable!

Turkey Color By Number

Color the turkey using the colors indicated. When finished color the pie to show which kind of pie is your favorite. Download Your Printable!

Turkey Ten Frames

Fill in the ten frames to show the number indicated on the turkey. When finished, color the turkeys. Download Your Printable!

Thanksgiving Short Story

Examine the picture. Imagine the context of what’s taking place. Write an imaginative short story below involving the scene. Download Your Printable!

For Halloween I Will Be…

Write a paragraph about what you will be for Halloween. Be sure to include details for your reader! Download Your Printable!

Find-a-word Halloween

Find-a-word Halloween edition. See if you can find all the underlined words! Download Your Printable!

Halloween Word Scramble

Unscramble the Halloween words below. On the reverse side write 4 sentences using these words! Download Your Printable!

Count’s Crazy Math Challenge

The castle is haunted by unsolved equations! Find your way out and get rid of the bats and ghouls by solving each problem. Download Your Printable!

Fall Zentangle

Get ready to color with this beautiful fall zentangle! Use different colors and patterns to complete the the whole picture! Download Your Printable!