Hi fellow parents! I’m Jessica and a proud mom of 3 kids; Rylee(9), Bennett(6) and Elliott(1). I am also an elementary teacher and have been for the last 8 years. I have taught grades from 1st-5th and love seeing the amazing growth and development that happens with kids of all ages. As a mom and teacher, this past year at home was really hard. We spent more time at home together than ever before. Like all of you, we had no school, no sports, and we were missing our family and friends. With all the uncertainty, my kids helped me focus our time we had celebrating things both big and small. I looked for ways to spend quality time with my kids and to enjoy the extra time we were spending together. Finding ways to bring joy to my family became a top priority.

I used my experience in the classroom to create fun little ways to our spend time together. There was nothing better than seeing my kids’ faces light up and the closeness I felt with each activity and surprise I planned. There was a light! While planning each month’s activities, I spent countless hours browsing idea, online shopping, trying to avoid the stores, placing multiple online orders, only to have items backordered, arrive late or having to buy way more than I needed for my 3 kids. It was very time consuming and a lot to keep up with to even plan a few fun activities each month to have what I needed on hand or arrive on time trying to avoid the stores.

After seeing how much fun we were all having, I wanted to keep it up every month but I didn’t know how I would keep up with it all. I thought there had to be a better way. An easier way. I thought about how nice it would be to have something prepared and ready-to-go so I could get straight to the fun part, making memories with my kids.

I created just that! Our boxes are a way for you to skip the store, skip the prep, skip the search and just enjoy creating memories with your kids. Our boxes take all the guess work out of it and leave you with time to simply enjoy your moments together. From my family to yours, I hope our box brings ease and enjoy to your family time!